Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Favorite Chocolate

(blog hijacking in progress)

Our journey to the dark side (of chocolate) is complete. Way complete. And Amano Artisan Chocolate is Cheryl's and my favorite. Amano is sponsoring a couple of contests wherein the winners receive a year's supply of chocolate. I'd rather have that than an iPad - that's how much I like it. In the Guess the Origin Contest you attempt to guess the country of origin of the cocoa beans that Amano used to make their newest chocolate. In the other contest called, "Promote Amano's Guess the Origin Contest", you just have to blog about the Guess the Origin Contest and fill out an online form. That's what I'm doing and I'm doing it with Cheryl's blog because I don't have one of my own. She'll understand. -- Dale out.