Monday, December 3, 2007

Do we live in Hawaii, or what?

Last Saturday I got one of those burrs in my bonnet that made me want to clean out a drawer or two. I took out everything from the silverware drawer so I could wash the plastic container and clean out the drawer. In the back I found a rock that was 3"-4" in diameter. The whole family was in the kitchen so I asked what I thought was a rhetorical question, "Does anyone know why there's a rock in the silverware drawer?" To my surprise, Dale piped up, "Yeah, that's the rock I use for breaking open coconuts!"

I have two thoughts: It's been years since we last bought a fresh coconut, but apparently we're prepared! It's better than the method he tried to use the time he put the coconut on one of my nice stoneware plates then brought out a hammer.

Coconut, anyone??