Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tortilla face

Sometimes I don't even have to write much; I just have to invite you to look through a window to my world........

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weird human body stories

I had a friend visit today and reveal to me that she has no fingerprints. She's applying to take some "at risk" kids into her home so she's had to go through all kinds of red tape including fingerprinting. When she went to have it done, she was informed that she's worked so hard in her life that she's worn off all ten fingerprints! They tried cleaning them with Windex (it's not just for acne) and greasing them up, but to no avail. She's now been referred to the FBI to see if their methods can read anything. Friends, if you feel like you might be working a little too hard, you now have a new excuse. "I'm sorry, I can't help or I may wear off my prints." It's worth a try!

An hour before my friend's visit I caught a CBS news story about a company that is growing human tissue. In the story, they showed a heart valve they'd grown and a bladder grown from a woman's own cells that was to be placed in her during surgery. As if that weren't amazing enough, they then showed a mouse heart which had been created by spraying cells in layers from an inkjet printer! Just in case you're interested in the science or if you've just always wanted to see a bladder up close and personal, check out this CBS news story

For a nerd like me, this was one big news day, and it sure beat hearing one more political commentary. Maybe I'll pick up an extra printer and see what Daniel can do ......

I love cross country!

So, two years ago I went cross country skiing for the first time along with my sisters and our good friend Susanna. I loved it! After only one other time, we had not been back until this year. Again, my sisters, Susanna, and I set out. I loved as much this time. We did the "most difficult" course at Soldier Hollow (an Olympic venue I might add) and we rocked!! I'm so glad I have awesome sisters and friends that will do these things with me. I love the exercise and being outside in the middle of the winter. Even when it's really cold, I work hard enough to stay warm -- that's saying a lot for me! It was in the teens in these pictures! I was very successful at not falling down until just after this second picture was snapped. Susanna said, "Be sexy!" and suggested we lift up one foot. I did and I promptly fell. That's all I needed was one more reminder that I don't do sexy very well!

Since that day was so fun, Dale and I decided to take our kids last weekend. I think it's good that I have no plans to take them downhill skiing. Daniel's like me, and we avoid speed and lack of control. Cheyenne thrives on speed and shuns all sense of control. None of those combinations are conducive to a safe downhill journey! We had some tears and some little fits, but in the end they did the cross country and they were even smiling. I'll count it as another great family outing (and hopefully go again without my children) in the very near future.