Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrating the Birth Season

So, a couple of days ago, we had a fun birthday celebration with my sisters.  Over the years, we have traditionally held a summer float party in Cathy’s pool each year at the end of August to jointly celebrate Colleen and Cathy’s August birthdays.  It was super fun this year as Cathy, Colleen, Heather, Romney, and I floated and enjoyed the summer.  It was so fun that we decided to have a second float in between Colleen's birthday and my birthday.  We scheduled it once, but changed the date due to pouring rain.  Then we rescheduled for a week later.  As it turned out, it was 90 degrees one day, then 25 degrees cooler the next couple of days when we had our float planned.  I love the girls, but not so much the swimming in 70 degree weather!  That's okay, you can make up for a lot of swimming with some fun reminiscing about childhood treasures, a good sushi lunch, some niece time at her new house, some cupcakes, and some awesome gifts!  

Thanks Cathy for a great time!!!!  I am super grateful to have great sisters with whom I can spend these times.  Now we look forward to a trip up to Colleen's cabin when it's even closer to my birthday.  I love celebrating the birth season.  Let it start early and continue long!  

Epic Fail!!

Well, now that was one very poorly executed new resolution to start blogging again.  Note to self - "Do not  make a public announcement just prior to a really busy time in your life.  So, that was just a busy couple of months!    We used "The Lion King" as a group theme.  It was fun to do lots of African things and lots of animal things.  I was in the giraffe cabin.  A short girl like me can always dream of being tall, right?  We talked a lot about remembering who we are just like Simba had to remember who he was.  Ironically, I didn't remember that I was going to write more on here!

The most significant event about camp was the amount of rain we received.  I have never seen that much rain up there!  We had three days of massive storms.  One of them was a storm that brought rain, hail, wind, more sheets of rain, etc.  It was a sight to behold!  Fortunately, we also got sights like moose, baby moose, lots of deer, beautiful sunsets, etc.  It was awesome!  And, again, fortunately for all, it was the least drama-filled Girls' Camp I've ever attended.

Girls' Camp was followed by another super busy month.  We managed to cram in a whole lotta fun in July and August with the family.  We made a quick trip to Kanarraville to see the Grandparents Witzke with a bonus of seeing Kim and family.  There we enjoyed a beautiful hike at Zion's.  I made a quick trip to Midway with some friends for a couple of days.  We had a stay-cation with our family that included hiking and swimming and lots of fun food.  Perhaps the funnest thing we did that week was go to the Olympic Park in Park City.  They now have a fun adventure ropes course along with the zip lines and alpine slide.  Cheyenne was a  maniac on the ziplines.  

And perhaps it's worth mentioning that we were slow in getting to it, but we finally kept up the family tradition of destroying last year's gingerbread house.  This time we ran over it with all kinds of things that had wheels.  After a wheelchair, a bike, a scooter, an old tire, and a car, this is what remained!

The last couple weeks of August were just full of getting ready for Cheyenne to start 8th grade and Daniel to go away to college.  And so she started, and he moved on.  I was a total wuss on the day I dropped Daniel off.  It wasn't so much that I think I won't see Daniel again (he is only a half hour away), but his moving out signifies a great change in our family for the future.  Things will never be quite the same again.  I'm so excited for him, though, that it's going to be just fine.  He has the most exciting time of his life ahead of him.  That knowledge didn't keep me from crying when I dropped him off.  I was sad.  Then I came home to a very sweet gift from a dear friend who gave me the sweetest note and perfectly selected statuette.  Now I'll just have to be more empathetic to others who send their kids off!  Thanks for the support!!!

I think that summarizes in very short terms the last couple of months of my life.  It doesn't make for very exciting blog reading, but it does get me to a point of being "caught up enough" to move forward!  And so it goes that after an epic fail on my last attempt, I am willing to stick my neck out and try one more time!