Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Family Historian

I read my friend's blog today in which she expressed a debate about whether or not she should include something in her blog. She said that ultimately the family historian in her won out, and she decided to include it. There are no similarities in our stories, but I liked the sentiment. The family historian in me decided I should share.

My entrepreneurial son has continued to operate his Saturdough business, though he does it just once a month during the school year. This week he decided to offer a half wheat/half white sandwich bread. He independently sent out an email out and set up his website. Hours later, I read it. It was quintessential Daniel, if not entirely politically correct. But it made me laugh. I'm glad I have Daniel to make me laugh. And so, for posterity's sake, here's his description of this week's bread. I hope it makes you laugh.

Half-rican American (Integrated) Sandwich Bread.

After a civil war which left the counter barren and covered in dust, and after Martin Luther Yeast Jr. made his historic speech, the white flour and the wheat flour have decided to join together in this loaf of sandwich bread. Just for you. Don't you feel special now?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Food graffiti

Did you know you can buy edible "spray paint" in multiple colors? I guess I'd seen 'air brushed' cakes in grocery store bakeries, but I didn't realize you could just buy an aerosol can of food coloring. I bought some this week. Daniel saw it and said, "Cool! We can vandalize our food now!" I can't wait to display some things we create soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is my life...

A snapshot in time of my last 48 hours:

  • Prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner for family
  • Joined my sister-in-law to hear Leigh Ann Tuohy give a speech at UVU (She's the mother portrayed in the movie The Blind Side after she took in a homeless youth who became an NFL star.)
  • Hit a cardboard form tube of roughly 24" x 36" doing 70 mph on the interstate - very frightening
  • Tutored math from 4th grade skills to Algebra II
  • Attended horseback riding lessons
  • Read a book club book
  • Emailed back and forth with water users in rural Utah
  • Planned details of a wedding cake I'm doing in 3 weeks
  • Did a standing long jump with 9 year old Cub Scouts
  • Planned a fun ski day with my sisters and nieces
  • Took some ice cream to a friend for her birthday, but was met in the driveway by her husband with a gun - he was searching for a possible intruder
There were lots of other small things to fill in the gaps, but I do love the diversity of my life......