Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did something die in here?

I told you it is a "wilde" life! I'd always heard that water could blow up in a microwave.....it can. I just happened to find that out as I was boiling red water for a science experiment Daniel suddenly remembered he was supposed to do at 9:00 p.m. the other night! It wouldn't be right, though, if I didn't also share the picture of the final result. I learned that you can layer water if you layer three different temperatures - ice cold, room temp, and boiling. After that we got to watch fat globules in milk as they moved across a slide on the microscope. (I might add that I'm grateful I have a neighbor who drinks 2% milk!)
Life is good and science is cool!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

It' all about the pink boots

I'm having a hard accepting it, but my baby has turned 8!  Cheyenne celebrated the big occasion by taking some friends to see the movie "Moondance Alexander."  It's a pretty typical, happy ending kind of flick, and they loved it!  She received at least 4 new plastic horses as gifts.  But really, it was all about the pink boots -- the ones she wore all day with her jeans, and the ones we all ate!  I hope she likes the pink ones 'cause when they went on clearance, I bought pink ones in the next three sizes!  Happy birthday to my sweet cowgirl!!

This makes even me think the fall is fun...

I don't need to say much, just a thought that I love my kids, and I love Dale and his ability to capture my kids' moments!   Oh, and it may make it a little more enjoyable to know that the music is a Vince Guaraldi song for the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.  Happy autumn!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I've lost some weight...

Well, I feel like I've lost a lot of weight, but my pants don't show it. For a few weeks now we've been working on de-stuffing the basement. I was going to say de-junk, but it wasn't all necessarily junk - just stuff. We'd like to finish our basement, but I told myself and my family we couldn't start till we'd removed about half of the stuff in the basement. We're getting close.

We sorted out all the things that could be sold at a garage sale. We set it up. We had it - even in the rain. We picked up a little cash. That made me feel like I'd lost weight. It was liberating and motivating. I'm sure I walk with a quickened step.

We've given lots away. We've found charitable organizations and some individuals who really needed it. That made me feel like I'd lost weight because I gave blood. You know, you benefit, but so does the person who received it! I love that feeling.

Right now I'm in the phase of not wanting to buy another thing that isn't consumable. I'm willing to keep eating, but I'm not so fond of collecting a lot more stuff. We'll see how long it lasts. But I'm definitely motivated to head back down there, throw away a lot more, and organize what I don't throw away. It's tough exercise, but that weight loss sure feels good!!!

Sisters and Friends

So, in my last post I referred to my week of partying with friends and family. This is a shot from the nice luncheon I had with my sisters. I thought it was so telling of our personalities and our subsequent roles within the family. We met at Colleen's house with me, Colleen and her daughters Heather and Jessica, Cathy and her daughter Romney, and of course, Andy. Colleen had fixed a delicious meal - something she's entirely capable of doing, but just doesn't have time to do often. She's still the oldest sister whose role it is to make sure we're fed. Each place at the table had been adorned with not only the nice place settings Colleen made, but also a bag of treats and a Halloween candle, compliments of Cathy. She's so good about making everything look good, and she always does that little extra something to make it special. Me -- well, I brought my spider rifle to share with the gang. I guess I bring the out-of-the-box twist!

We had a nice meal and enjoyed one another's company. I'm so glad we all live close to each other so we can share these moments. I'm glad I have sisters. I'm glad I have nieces who are old enough now to just be my friends. I think they're great. Thanks for everything. I love you all very much.

The rest of the week I had lunches with varying groups of friends. I am surrounded by amazing, marvelous, accomplished, interesting, loving, kind women whose lives I try to emulate in so many ways. My friends were kind, generous, funny, and encouraging throughout the week. Whenever I hear of people who feel alone in the world, I say a prayer of gratitude for the friends who surround me. All it takes is a little interest, a little time, and a little willingness to share. They enhance my life and make me better. I thank you women. I hope in some small way, I'm enhancing your life as well. If nothing else, I'm a good resource for where to find a good spider rifle!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love it that I have something unique to write about for my birthday. Mine was yesterday, and it was awesome! The day began as Cheyenne wished me a happy birthday. Dale stood behind me giving her signals about how old I am. He was holding up his fingers to say "42." She shouted out, "You're 24 today, Mom!" I responded with a hearty, "Why yes, I am, Cheyenne! Thank you!"

The sights and sounds of my birthday included (please note that this list can be sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas if you try): Phone calls from loved ones - Korean food for lunch - "Happy Birthday" on the saxophone - a 2 1/2 pound flourless chocolate cake - gifts from friends - and a homemade spider rifle!!!

But the highlight of the day was the spider rifle. Daniel had been quite excited about the gift he and Dale had been making for me out in the garage. They brought it in - wrapped in the traditional birthday wrapping - the afghan named "The Wobie." I unwrapped it carefully and could not have guessed the useful treasure that lay within. In the attached picture you can see me holding my very own handy, dandy, spider removal tool. Should I see a spider on the wall or even on the ceiling, I need only to raise the barrel of the spider rifle and pull the trigger. It instantly sucks the offending arachnid into a waiting cup at the bottom of the handle. I can then remove the cup and dispose of the spider humanely outside or less humanely in the toilet! How great is that?!?!? And really, how many other women got such a gift from their sons recently??? I love my creative family, and I thank them for the creative gift!

Speaking of creativity, my other birthday gifts included a set of very nice colored pencils from my good friend Lisa and a book called Creative License from Dale and Cheyenne. Somehow the universe is trying to tell me I must reach in and find the creative soul within. Maybe by this time next year, I'll be drawing my blog -----Stay Tuned!