Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Favorite Summer Memory

This summer has been one of making memories, not taking the time to blog about the memories. However, now that the kids are back in school, I really hope to catch up on blogging some of my favorite summer times.  A couple of years ago, Daniel began a tradition of Fourth of July performances.  He spends a long time in advance of the big day preparing by building props.  For example, he builds forts, cars, factories, etc. out of popsicle sticks and hot glue.  Then he uses fireworks to prepare an attacking force.  In 2007, his village was attacked by enemies with tanks (think of those cardboard tanks with firecrackers in them).  The tanks would attack and then there would be a smoke bomb or screaming/whistling fountain to represent the screaming of the villagers.  In 2008, the performance was greatly enhanced.  This time the village was attacked by aliens.  There were small ships that flew in as well as a giant mother ship.  It was awesome!!!  After the attack scenes, there is the wagon of fire (our red wagon, totally loaded).  Finally, we do the "dancing fireworks."  That is, we do fountains and the kids (and sometimes the adults) get up and dance around it while it's burning.  This photo captures the essence of everything magical about the Fourth of July with Daniel.  He's a delight, an entertainer, and sometimes a heartstopper for his mom.  No matter what he's doing, though, he always has a little "Peter Pan, I'm never gonna grow up" attitude about himself.  That's what I love about this picture.  He's holding a butane lighter and a roll of tape that he used for the show, but he looks like Peter Pan with a sword.  It all makes me smile.

And so she flies!

Dale often tells me about how he flies in his dream.  I don't.  However, I have wanted for some time to try the sport of paragliding because I liked the idea of trying to fly.  I've been in a hot air balloon and I've flown in a small plane.  Of my remaining flying choices (sky diving is definitely out and hang gliding seems awkward), paragliding seemed the safest and easiest to do.  You get to sit up and just enjoy.  So, when my niece said she wanted to paraglide for her birthday but she wanted someone to do it with, I jumped at the chance!  

Last night, we each took a tandem flight from the 
world-renowned Point of the Mountain between Salt Lake and Provo.  It was great!  Jessica gave the best description.  Though it was fun, there really wasn't ever an adrenaline-rush moment.  I was prepared to scream going over the edge, but I didn't even squeal 'cause it was so smooth!  Then you just kick back in your seat and enjoy.  We chatted, took pictures, enjoyed the scenery, etc.  I was one of those people you look up and see when you drive on the interstate past the Point of the Mountain.  
As we came in for a landing, the air currents pretty much stopped and dropped us like a rock.  It caught me off guard and gave me a nice drop on my butt, but it was all part of the experience!

This picture shows me just before takeoff.  There are a lot more fun pictures to see here.  I hope some of you will look at the pictures to see shots from the ground and the air.   

I recommend it.  I'd do it again.  I've checked it off my list.  Who knows what's next.