Monday, May 14, 2012

Context is Everything

So, the smells in my house today were divine!  From early morning on, Dale was one busy bee in the kitchen.  He made me a lovely Mother's Day breakfast, a simple lunch, and then set off on dinner and dessert preparations.

The end result for dinner was a meal of delicious grilled chicken and pesto sandwiches on homemade French bread.  The bread was brushed with garlic, layered with grilled chicken, pesto, cheese, and tomatoes.  As if the sandwiches weren't perfect, he paired it with grilled asparagus and fresh mango.  It really was the perfect summery meal.

After scarfing down all that he could, Daniel declared, "It's times like this when you want a vomitorium in your house so you can throw it all up and start over."

Now, there are so many directions one could go with that statement.  To begin with, it concerns me that my son thinks of the word vomitorium and that he used it in a sentence.

Upon hearing the statement, Dale declared that context is everything as he might have been quite offended by the same statement had it not been followed by "so I can throw it all up and start over."

Just a little food for thought!

Oh, and I failed to mention that dessert was a magnificent serving of homemade chocolate mousse that was to die for!  

Thanks family for a grand day - I loved it!!!


Cathy G said...

I have never heard of a vomitorium, but it sounds very anorexic to me! I could have used one myself after our Mother's day meal, too! Well, we better recover because there is only one more day until the Derby girls Tea Party!

ColleenDown said...

If there was ever a house to be Bulimic at it would be yours! Glad you had a great day. Isn't it nice when our kids become producers!!

jessica& said...

That sounds and looks so yummy. This is my second time visiting this post. I guess you could say I came back for seconds:)

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